Christian Silver

Left: Speaking at TED. Center: Sling Defense Game. Right: Decode Session

Left: Speaking at TED. Center: Sling Defense Game. Right: Decode Session

Christian Silver is the Deputy Head Boy of Kristin School and has been developing software in whatever capacity he can. In 2008, when he was first drawn to game design, he joined the team at Abscure Games. As a programmer and a designer, Christian worked with the team to develop games that he loved and were enjoyed by others. Christian’s most recent project with the team is Sling Defense, a first for him in many areas, including the first venture into the complex world of mobile gaming.  Abscure still remains to be a side project by all of those that are involved as other parts of life often get in the way.

2012 Asia Pacific Robotics competitionChristian’s interests in programming and technology led him to join the school robotics team. Since then they have attended the world championships 3 times, having won them in 2010. He is now team captain and the team is thriving with many new members. His abilities with programming have really come into fruition over the past 3 years and have allowed him to tackle tasks that go beyond just game design. He has become passionate about web technologies and has come to love how they continue to push boundaries and pursues to do so himself. These technologies have underlined some of his most successful projects, such as the development of software for digital signage, the creation of presentations and the designing of engaging, modern websites.

Recently, the direction schools have taken to stifle personal interests and lack of access to education in the areas of digital technology have been deeply frustrating and led him to start Decode, which is dedicated to promoting programming and making it accessible. From early beginnings half way through 2013, Decode has come to help young people connect with other programmers and learn in a way that seems intuitive to them.

While technology has empowered many people, Christian believes that rich understanding of it has fallen to the hands of very few people while the rest remain consumers of technology. Without understanding and appreciation of it, it cannot truly be harnessed and used in its most productive way. He has become aware of this affecting many people in their daily lives and is cautious that we could lose the chance to do something really powerful.




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