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Judi Clements has been the leading force within the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand since 2005. The Mental Health Foundation, a charitable trust since 1977, is the only organisation that focuses on wellbeing for all New Zealanders and has developed a strategic approach to meet their vision of a society where all people flourish.

The Mental Health Foundation initiates activities and dialogues creatively at a national level, on the benefits of flourishing to our overall mental health and how this can be increased equitably across our population. We want to see flourishing included as a measure of progress and from this be able to set targets to increase our collective mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

For over a century the focus in mental health has been on mental disorders, and either treating or preventing them – so much so that most people think about mental health only as a problem or something negative.


The time has come to think about mental health as a positive resource that can lead to individual and family and whānau resilience and improved social relationships that allow us to respond effectively to the global challenges before us.

Judi has a passion for the development of organisations to strengthen people, improve communities, promote social justice and the elimination of all forms of unfair discrimination.



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