Lorri Lennon


Left: Lorri with her award-winning publication, Tactics in a Box: 101 ways to communicate with employees. Right: Preparing for the Oman Strategic Communication workshop 2013.


Lorri Lennon is an award-winning communications specialist. Her dream is that one day leadership communication will stop killing the human spirit and ennoble it instead.

Lorri is the founder of the Centre for Leadership Communication, a Sydney-based consultancy. For 30 years she has witnessed the failure of leadership communication to engineer effective change in organisations. She has seen employees’ passion, creativity and productivity wither as mechanistic organisations snuff out opportunities for building meaning, connection and growth.

Lorri’s focus is on leadership communication that builds shared meaning through clarity of purpose, mutually beneficial connection through serendipitous relationships, and growth by enabling human potential to flourish.

Born and raised in Timaru, Lorri has managed communications for organisations in Australia, South Africa and the Middle East. Accredited by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), which sets the global standard for business communication, Lorri is a three-time winner of the IABC Gold Quill Excellence Awards. In 2013 she became the first antipodean recipient of the IABC Fellow Award.

Lorri is author of Tactics in a Box: 101 ways to communicate with employees, a 248-page communication manual that won a silver medal at the 2010 American Independent Publishers Book Awards. Lorri has taught her acclaimed Strategic Communication Roadmap methodology in Wellington, Dubai, Oman, Singapore, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne.

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