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Paul Cameron is CEO and co-founder of Booktrack, a company that has developed the technology for a new medium of digital entertainment content that provides synchronized movie-style soundtracks to eBooks. With Booktrack, music and ambient audio are automatically paced to an individual’s reading speed to match the storyline evoking emotion and bringing scenes to life while they read. The Booktrack Studio Platform was recently launched to allow anyone access to the tools and marketplace to create, share and sell this new type of digital content.

bt-pic-studio-soundbt-track-selection-logoBacked by funders including Peter Thiel, Peter Jackson’s Park Road Post Productions, Weta Digital’s GM Tom Greally, and others – Booktrack is a disruptive force in the publishing and audio world equivalent to how the introduction of sound changed the experience of watching film. With Booktrack, writers and readers get a totally new immersive reading experience that has proven increased comprehension and retention rates (NYU Study).

Paul has always had a passion for technology and reading and finds it fascinating that we can now carry an entire library around in our pocket yet the reading experience has not evolved in more than 2,000 years despite storytelling taking disruptive leaps forward with the introduction of film and video games. Booktrack is his answer to addressing the decline in reading and literacy rates that will help make reading relevant again to a new generation of readers.

Prior to Booktrack, Paul trained as an Aeronautical Engineer and for over a decade then flew as an officer with the Royal New Zealand Air Force completing operational flying in roles including Fisheries and Customs Surveillance, Search and Rescue, and Anti Terrorism. Paul then founded a new Division of a high tech electronics and software company that provides electronics & software products and services to the global defense industry that grew into one of the fastest growing companies in New Zealand before he co-founded Booktrack.


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