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At the peak of his career as an international executive in the US and Japan, Thomas Stazyk walked away to pursue his passions.

During his 28 years with a global accounting firm, he pioneered the integration of computers into the professional audit practice and oversaw the development of a paperless audit system for the global audit practice that was recognized by the Smithsonian Institution as a significant innovation producing beneficial change for society.

In 2001, he and his wife, Mahrukh, did a long drive across the US avoiding cities in favour of national parks.  During this period of introspection, Thomas decided to embark on a change to pursue new goals and a more sustainable life style.

OHe migrated to Auckland, New Zealand and earned an MA in English from the University of Auckland and completed extensive post-graduate study in world literatures including Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

Thomas and Mahrukh, have committed themselves to CUE Haven,, a project to restore a 59 acre former dairy farm north of Auckland city and overlooking the Kaipara Harbour. Over 96,000 native trees have been planted since 2008.

“CUE” stands for Cultivating Understanding and Enlightenment, and CUE Haven is an opportunity for the community to come together to create something special as schools, universities, community groups, businesses, not for profit and government entities work together to create a sustainable native New Zealand nature reserve. When the restoration is finished, the Stazyks intend to gift the property to the community.

In addition to creating a sustainable forest ecosystem and enhancing biodiversity and wildlife values, the long term vision for CUE Haven includes the CUE Haven Learning Centre. The centre will be a community resource where people with diverse interests and backgrounds can come together to share ideas that help cultivate understanding and enlightenment.

IdentitiesThomas’s novel, Identities, a satirical look at global capitalism, corporate greed, materialism and the dangers of building a life around an artificially constructed identity, was published in 2012.

He is currently working on his next novel, a further exploration of global capitalism and its impacts on the individual.






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