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The IncrediblEdge summit is initiated by Jillian de Beer, Founder of Incredible Edge

Jillian de Beer is a thought leader, creative entrepreneur and specialist in strategy, cultural identity, community building, economic and community transformation, enterprise development, and international collaborations. She has developed transformation strategies and plans for 55 cities, towns, and national industries across the world and more than 100 place-based communities, virtual networks and highly innovative companies operating in the local and global marketplace. Jillian is regularly invited to speak at international summits and industry forums.

Jillian is an Incredible Angel for the IncrediblEurope summit which connects interdisciplinary change-makers and future oriented masterminds of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship from all over the world.

During her career, Jillian has organised many international events for New Zealand political and business leaders. In 1988, she facilitated international media interviews for Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, when he introduced the concept of Perestroika to the world. In 1992 she organised for Rt. Hon. David Lange, a former Prime Minister of New Zealand, to address a large audience of the world’s media on the banning of nuclear weapons, in Washington, DC.

Jillian is Managing Director of de Beer Marketing & Communications, which she established in 1993 following six years in international strategic marketing with Ernst & Young.


The Secretariat Team

Jillian de Beer, initiator and enabler

Rendell McIntosh, New Zealand Events (creative director; event director)
Rendell is one of New Zealand’s most experienced event managers. He has more than 30 years’ experience in major event creation and event management for New Zealand’s most significant cultural festivals, international sports events, and business organisations including Air New Zealand, Qantas, Tourism New Zealand, Tranz Rail, Carter Holt Harvey, New Zealand Rugby Union, Auckland Council, Westpac, Hasbro and annual business excellence awards. He founded the annual Auckland International Marathon and the New Zealand Events Industry Conference.

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