Kieran Meredith

Kieran MeredithA New Zealand-born Samoan, Kieran Meredith is pioneering and leading initiatives in education. As a 17 year old, out to make change, he recognises the importance of family, community, culture and heritage. He holds close to his heart his core values as the source of his strength and inspiration.

As a young and brown, vibrant, fashion-forward Samoan living outside society’s ideologies of teenager’s interests, Kieran has been forward-thinking with his aspirations. He has collaborated with Victoria University’s Assistant Vice Chancellor (Pasifika) Luamanuvao Winnie Laban, in strategising a framework to enhance the academic outcomes of Pacific Island students within the Wellington region.

It is a radical vision for Kieran but one which he strongly insists is achievable, if a collaborative and inclusive approach is taken.

Kieran still maintains a working relationship with Victoria University of Wellington, the public and private sectors and New Zealand political leaders in the hope of one day providing his country with a leading edge, multi-dimensional, inter-generational education system.

Kieran Meredith and high school colleagues with Dr Peter Bishop, Associate Professor in the College of Technology and Director of the graduate programme in Futures Studies at the University of Houston.

Kieran believes that we need to shape our education system to be at the forefront of learning in the changed era that the world now faces. In doing so, he is adamant that, in a collaborative manner, we can establish avenues and pave future-focussed pathways through which we can enhance our education system; sustainable outcomes will result in ‘leading edge’ individualised practices that cater for all abilities, needs and cultures. Read his article from 3 News: ‘Poly-swag’ brings hip hop fortune.


Pacific pattern shows strands of flax woven to symbolize unityPersonality expressed through random side drawings when taking notes




“I only need to look to my ancestors, family members and alumni throughout New Zealand to witness shining and inspiring examples of what we are all capable of achieving. Where I am today, is of admirable testimony to my upbringing and the values which on websiste close to single space between words have been instilled in me by my family. They strengthen my own capability to achieve in this day and age.”



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