Nathan Holmberg

Nathan HolmbergAfter completing his MSc in Computer Graphics he worked as a researcher in Biomedical Visualization looking at Nerve Fibre Tractography.  This research focused on providing better tools for Doctors to visualize the nerve structure within the brain and help identify areas that might be affected after a stroke.

Following this he worked at Serato Audio Research, a company specializing in pro-audio software for live performance, particularly for DJs. Here he created their award-winning video mixing and effects solution that is used worldwide in shows and performances, and collaborated on creating mechanisms to extend electronic music performance.

More recently, his collaboration with Miami based DJ/Producer Joachim Garraud is extending his work in this area to create the next level of performance which integrates the DJ with the environmental effects that form part of the modern club experience.

77 PiecesNow Nathan works with Academy Award winner Sebastian Marino and PECASE winner Joseph Teran to develop solutions for fashion design. Together, they are creating tools and technologies that simplify the pattern making process, allow for virtual prototyping and visualization, offer fit prediction, and the customized manufacturing of clothing.

So far, this work has thrown up a lot of interesting ideas about mass customization, prototyping, and digital rights for an industry that has largely relied on exclusivity and the difficulty involved in replication as protection mechanisms. In particular, Nathan is interested in how this can open doors into the world of product design and manufacture, previously held closed by traditional manufacturing.




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