Phillip Guzenuk

Vision Quest connection to nature in the Inyo Mountains, California desert wilderness  (altitude 2,000 meters).

Phillip Guzenuk is a Russian expert in leadership, personal transformation, and finding ‘happiness in action’ at work. He coaches entrepreneurs and executives of many of Russia’s largest companies, and leads international executive ‘Integral Journeys’ in culture and nature. Phillip is a partner of the Coaching Institute of Saint Petersburg and co-founder of the Director’s Club of Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Phillip Guzenuk, business coach, RussiaPhillip has a distinct passion for helping people to explore different dimensions of their lives and reach their potential.

In 2007, Phillip co-founded the Director’s Club of St Petersburg in Russia. The Club, for Russian business leaders, became a popular and well-known community forum for discussing high level questions on organisational development and the benefits of knowledge sharing between leaders. Phillip has hosted more than 20 forums in Open Space, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, and numerous custom-made interactive technologies.

Phillip is actively engaged in business coaching for entrepreneurs and company leaders. He is a partner of the Coaching Institute of Saint Petersburg, a boutique consultancy that introduced coaching to Russia 10 years ago. The first book on business coaching in Russia was written by Phillip’s partners Marina Danilova and Alexander Savkin.

In working with Russian and international company leaders, Phillip helps them to address the major challenges of their business through individual and team coaching. Clients include bright individual entrepreneurs as well as some of Russia’s and the world’s largest corporations. They include General Electric, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Beeline, International Paper, Norilskiy Nikel, TNK-BP, Kaspersky Lab, and Gazprom Neft.


Seaside on the Southern coast of Oregon.One of the most prominent fields of interest and activity Phillip enjoys working in is Happiness in action: energy sources for peak performance. The big question behind this topic is, “How to transform work into activity that gives you energy, drive and enthusiasm followed by outstanding quality of results?” Over the last four years Phillip has conducted numerous research programs, seminars, forums and retreats on this topic in Russia and abroad. More than 1,500 managers have taken part in this program, in groups and individually.

Phillip is greatly inspired by the life, protocols and practices of indigenous peoples, and their philosophies and world-view. With his partner Varya, he has travelled throughout the US, Australia, Latin America and Europe to meet indigenous peoples and Europeans who have a great understanding of native traditions.


Vision Quest retreat in the Inyo Mountains, California desert, USA.Phillip’s interest in Integral Theory steered him to organize and lead two-week executive retreats called Integral Journeys. The trips blend the experience of travelling to a different country in a team of 10-12 international leaders, to experience deep inner journeys engaging with the practises of local indigenous peoples, and sharing knowledge about cutting edge innovations with international companies. They are journeys for the body, mind and spirit in culture and nature, and encourage executives to make a difference in the environment and community.

Phillip’s international aspirations were formed at the age of eight, when he started playing baseball, an unusual sport for a Russian boy. At the age of 14 he travelled to the United States of America to participate in an international baseball tournament. He continued to travel to the U.S. during his university years, teaching baseball at Redwood, New York, an international camp for children and youth from all over the world.



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