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We are on the cusp of a new era. The next decade will be defined by a new form of industrial revolution – open-source design, 3D printing giving empowerment to the individual maker, customised digital fabrication challenging mass production, renewable energy plus other scientific breakthroughs.

Environmentally there will be enormous challenges such as pressure on scarce resources, climate change and loss of biodiversity.

At this time of massive transformation people from around the world are coming up with innovative and disruptive responses to these new situations.

Innovation is a dynamic process and the most creative breakthroughs of the past have all been the product of a particular social environment, in which thinkers, entrepreneurs, scientists and artists have stimulated and supported one another to reach new heights. To help generate such a process, IncrediblEdge seeks to bring together leaders in fields such as: arts and culture, entrepreneurship, architecture, design, film, environmentalism, economics, science, technology, education, social change, philanthropy, and communication.

IncrediblEdge will be held in New Zealand, a small country on the edge of the world which has turned its physical isolation into an advantage by developing world class expertise in innovation, creativity, technology, the environment, partnership with indigenous peoples and natural resource protection.

It will help to map out a new paradigm for the future through establishing networks and connections between individual initiatives, people and groups, generating an accessible pool of expert knowledge and developing a guide to new business opportunities that will emerge from these trends of the future.

This will be the second IncrediblEdge – the first in 2012 attracted participants from 11 countries.

Participants will be able to learn from the leading thinkers of the world, meet many interesting people and future collaborators, and make their own unique contribution towards a sustainable and exciting future for humanity.

 We look forward to your participation and collaboration.

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